Myoblox - Loco 38 Scoops


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Explosive strength, extreme focus, bouncing energy and volumising pumps are just a few effects we look for most in a stimulant-based pre-workout supplement, and MyoBlox Loco pre-workout is no exception.

MyoBlox Loco is the combined efforts of proven stimulants, clinical doses of result-driven ingredients,  organic green coffee beans and their innovative micro-peptide technology - BLOX. From enhanced energy, endurance, focus and performance, MyoBlox Loco pre-workout is jam-packed with a variety of psychoactive, nootropics, muscle primers and BLOX to help enhance your performance from every angle. As a company driven by quality and cutting-edge results, it should come as no surprise that MyoBlox Loco offers exactly that. With a precise formula dosed according to each ingredients most effective quantity, Loco contains over 17 grams of actives per full dose and 38 serves per tub.