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Axe and Sledge

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The everyday grinders

The Axe and Sledge hard workers, every day, red-blooded Australians make this nation exceptional.

The people who have moral value to the wonderful gift of life that they have been granted. the courageous gentlemen and gentlewomen who defend our country and our independence as Australians. That’s what Axe and Sledge are all about.

Axe and Sledge have presently landed in Australia. Established by IFBB Pro & immeasurable legend, Seth Feroce this brand was invented for personalities that never give up & absolutely want to fight hard and endeavour for prominence.

The individuals have ethical and honourable significance in the extraordinary blessing of vitality they have been bestowed. the gallant Women and men who safeguard our nation and our sovereignty. That’s what Axe and Sledge Australia are all about.