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Naked Harvest Supplements

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Naked Harvest Supplements Making a Change!

Naked Harvest Supplements spent countless years searching for the perfect nutritional supplements to support her active & healthy lifestyle, it came to Georgie’s attention that there are very few natural supplements on the market, especially those made with women in mind.

Similarly, due to battling a multitude of food intolerances from a young age, Coopa was equally determined to provide a new range of natural, health conscious products to the market. As a lover of health and wellness himself, Coopa felt it was critical to develop supplements without the artificial nasties and misleading information, that catered to both men and women’s nutritional needs.

So, just like that, armed with one ambitious goal this sibling duo partnered up to create something magical, and so Naked Harvest was born.

What makes Naked Harvest Supplements Different

Naked Harvest products are made with all natural ingredients, which means they are gentle on your tummy. That makes them perfect for supporting your active and healthy lifestyle - even if you have food sensitivities.

Are Naked Harvest Products Vegan?

Naked Harvest has a range of vegan products for our plant-based babes and bros. Try the Thrive plant based protein for a great tasting way to get the nutrients you need to build your muscles. Except for the Collagen Beauty Elixir.

Are Naked Harvest Products Suitable For Gluten Intolerances?

The complete Naked Harvest range is suitable for people with gluten intolerance or sensitivity. If that’s you, then you are probably used to check the labels before you eat something! You don’t have to worry about that with Naked Harvest. If only all brands were so considerate 

Are Naked Harvest Products Dairy Free?

Yes they are! The whole range of Naked Harvest products is dairy free - even the Collagen powder. That’s great news if you are dairy intolerant or trying to avoid dairy products. Whilst the collagen powder is dairy free, it does use collagen sourced from cows. So if you are avoiding dairy to eat a plant based diet - you should try the collagen beauty elixir vegan booster instead.