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Redcon1 is a type of military readiness. Carrying the same meaning as standing by for orders or permission to act, but it also can be used in reference to members on high alert status and has been associated with nuclear weapons bombers who are ready at all times.

Founded by supplement industry entrepreneur Aaron Singerman, Redcon1 was created to ensure end consumers get real, hardcore products that deliver real results. Our motto isn’t THE HIGHEST STATE OF READINESS just to be some catchy tagline, it is the mantra that we live and breathe.
These products have been battle tested and designed to be able to deliver results to the most demanding users. From the highest calibre bodybuilder, to the most gruelling obstacle course, all the way to elite military forces, how your body performs is paramount to your success and survival. Achieving your own greatness is a forging process, one that requires you are always ready to perform, for the highest state of readiness, choose REDCON1.