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Air Locker Kotara – Rejuvenation Stack


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This stack has been designed for anyone who’s primary goal for the 8 week challenge is to improve their overall health quality. This stack aims directly towards helping you get a better nights sleep and lowering and re-balancing your bodies hormones. It also offers your body a strong blend of micronutrients and super foods, and improving your skin, joints, gut health, and immune system. 

What is included? 

Vitality Switch – On the surface this may seem like just another “greens formula”, however this specific product is more of a 5 in 1 health product than a simple “greens formula”. Vitality Switch does combine a whole foods greens blend, but it also offers you a complete digestive enzyme and gut health blend, pre and pro biotic’s, organic mushroom complex, marine collagen, and a cleanse and health support blend. This is a product that makes you instantly feel better as soon as you start taking it. Better energy, better sleep, better digestion, better skin. Vitality Switch really is a must have in any supplement protocol. 

Cougar Juice – To answer your first question: “yes, this product is as good as the name suggests”. In all seriousness though, this is definitely the best product of its kind on the market today. Cougar Juice is what we call a collagen supplement. It is fantastic for helping improve your skin, bone, joint and nail health. Cougar Juice is unique in the fact that it combines all three types of collagen: Bovine collagen, marine collagen, and chicken cartilage. This makes it a much more complete form of collagen compared to most of its kind. Cougar Juice also has a few added benefits as well. It has an immune support blend, pre and probiotics, and an antioxidant blend as well. 

Restore – Stress is a ubiquitous phenomenon in the modern world and it can come in many different forms. It can be financial, social, physical, emotional, and biological. Cortisol is our body’s primary stress hormone, and whilst cortisol is absolutely necessary for human life, it is extremely important that it is regulated properly on a day to day basis. If your cortisol levels become uncontrollable, it can quickly lead to very deleterious outcomes in all facets of life. This is where Restore comes to the rescue. It’s job is to allow your body to deal with all the internal and external stresses of life, and still come out on top and in control. Restore uses a blend of natural herbs and adaptogens to lower your body’s cortisol whilst you sleep, so you can get the sufficient energy rebound when you awake the following day. Restore allows you to maintain your natural circadian rhythm (sleep pattern), even when you have a million tasks to do, kids to feed, training to be done etc.

Additional information

Cougar Juice

Mango Nectar, Milk Chocolate, Unflavoured, Vanilla Bean, Wild Raspberry

Vitality Switch

Chocolate, Cucumber Lime, Granny Smith, Lemon Ginger, Mango Passionfruit, Matcha Mint, Strawberry Kiwi


120 Capsules


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