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EHP Labs Oxywhey Protein 27 Servings

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EHP Labs OxyWhey Protein has the following epic features;

  • Improved gut health
  • microbiome proportion
  • skin healthiness, immunity
  • reduced inflammation
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EHP Labs OxyWhey Protein is a science-based, Lean Wellness Protein formula made from 100% pure, lean non-GMO whey protein. It is rich in branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs) and glutamine peptides as well as recovery agents and key vitamins and minerals. EHP Labs OxyWhey Protein has been engineered to trigger anabolic muscle growth by delivering the highest quality Whey Protein that yields the ideal amino acid profile for maximum workouts.

OxyWhey is a new form of protein that is not only packed with essential nutrients but also has an amazing taste. 

Lean Wellness Protein

EHP Labs OxyWhey is a comprehensive protein formula providing essential amino acids, including free-form L-glutamine to support muscle health. It includes digestive enzymes for better assimilation plus an antioxidant blend to help support healthy immune system function.

Meet your daily protein intake & promote weight loss, lean muscle growth & recovery.

Each serve of OxyWhey contains 1 billion CFU of the super-probiotic, L. Rhamnosus, which has been accurately documented to support

Key Benefits:

  • gut health
  • microbiome balance
  • skin health, immunity
  • decreased inflammation

Chromium picolinate has been included due to its influence on food intake regulation and may assist with appetite control along with helping to curb sweet cravings. OxyWhey has been formulated to conquer everyone’s protein fears – gas, bloating, queasiness, and stomach discomfort.

Directions of use

Add 1 scoop of OxyWhey to 8 oz (240ml) of ice-cold water or almond milk to a shaker bottle and shake for 15 – 30 seconds or until smooth. OxyWhey has been designed as an anytime protein, so you can take it post-workout for recovery or at any time of the day to ensure you hit your macronutrient requirements.

A whey protein shake is an excellent meal replacement when you’re trying to lose weight. Whey has a low-calorie count and digests quickly so you don’t have to worry about it slowing down your metabolism. Along with the low-calorie count, whey also helps increase muscle mass as well.

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1 review for EHP Labs Oxywhey Protein 27 Servings

  1. Ryan

    The strawberry flavour is wonderful and tastes like a protein which is fantastic. I have found that I am easier to recover between my exercises and my tummy loves this!

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