Faction Labs – Deficit 40 Servings


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Enter the world of Deficit by Faction Labs a thermogenic supplement designed to help you reach your fitness and body goals. The combination of ingredients will deliver everything you need to smash through your session – energy, pump, power, focus and shred.


You need to put in a lot of work when it comes to your fitness and body goals, from eating the right foods to exercising regularly. It’s an intricate, multiple-pathway process that takes time and hard work. Faction Labs has created Deficit, a supplement that will help you to achieve anything you put your mind into it.

<h5>When you have Deficit by Faction Labs you’ll:</h5>


  <li>Support calorie processing with the combination of two types of carnitines, which are designed to help you process calories better so you can achieve your body goals.</li>

  <li>Support energy requirements with the combination of caffeine anhydrous and Halostachine, which will provide you with plenty of energy so you can get through the most gruelling workouts.</li>

  <li>Support fitness goals with a product that helps you hit the gym hard as well as process calories so you can reach your goal.</li>

  <li>Support body composition. When you combine this product with the right diet and exercise plan to suit your goals, you will see better results.</li>


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Kiwi Mango, Passionfruit, Pine Orange, Raspberry Soda


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