Faction Labs – Disorder


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<h1>At Faction, we refuse to be ordinary.</h1>

<p>We&rsquo;re dedicated to the execution of greatness in every facet of our brand.</p>

<p>Ingrained in our very fibre, is the belief that conformity is the enemy of freedom and the destroyer of growth! It is this mindset that ensures we achieve our mandate to deliver the most effective, best tasting and highest quality products available.</p>

<p>The Faction Team recognise that excellence doesn&rsquo;t allow for excuses. The ability to overcome challenges and the never-ending need to maintain focus will ultimately determine our success. We trade solely in the currency of logic and leave no room for the weak. Failure is not an option!</p>

<p>Embrace the power of change with the knowledge Faction is the instrument of your evolution.&nbsp;</p>

<p>FACTION LABS clinically dosed Pre-Workout, DISORDER delivers extreme energy, razor-sharp focus, improved endurance, increased strength and insane pumps!</p>

<p>With 12 grams of active ingredients, DISORDER possesses everything you need to destroy your next training session.</p>

<p>Prepare yourself for:</p>


<li>CRAZY Pumps</li>

<li>RAZOR-SHARP Focus</li>

<li>EXTREME Energy</li>

<li>INCREASED Strength&nbsp;</li>


<p>DISORDER raises the bar when it comes to all-out dosed ingredients for all-out performance.</p>

<p>DISORDER&rsquo;s combination of cutting-edge stimulants, nootropic blend and maximally dosed nitric oxide ingredients makes it the most exciting pre-workout supplement to hit shelves! With an unmatched, transparent ingredient panel, DISORDER will get you to the highest level of motivation and determination you will ever experience.</p>

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