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Innovaate – ElectrAAte – 198g


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ElectrAAte has the same OptimAAte amino acids combined with electrolytes, and has been specifically developed to address the amino acid and electrolyte losses during high demand, physical activities, or living and working in hot climate environments.

ElectrAAte should be used either during or directly after exercise because it is designed to quickly replenish those key amino acids and electrolytes that are rapidly lost in your sweat.

ElectrAAte is also good to use when recovering from a cold or flu. The body uses amino acids to build immune proteins to fight infections, and amino acids are lost through sweating. The same amino acids are thus in high demand.

ElectrAAte, is one of the new generation amino acid supplements specially formulated to replenish a select group of amino acids, which have been shown by scientific research, to be in highest demand during daily exertion and recovery.

The simple ElectrAAte rationale

To provide six key amino acids and electrolytes for the body to use where and when it needs them

Replenishment of amino acids have been found to

  • optimise physical and mental performance
  • reduce fatigue,
  • aid in recovery
  • improve general vitality

Who should use ElectrAAte:

  • you are a professional or amateur athlete
  • vegetarian or vegan, all InnovAAte formulations, such as ElectrAAte, are vegetarian or vegan diet/lifestyle friendly.
  • people recovering from a cold or flu

ElectrAAte is:

  • Batch tested for WADA banned substances by an independent laboratory
  • 99% fat-free
  • 99% sugar-free, unsweetened
  • Vegan and vegetarian-friendly, and
  • Patented: PCT/AU2016/050355

Serving Recommendations

Serve: 1 serve (2.3grams) during or directly following exercise.

Mix as a drink: Transfer one serving of powder mix to water (300mL) in your drink bottle or cup. You can dilute it further if you would like to fill a water bottle – just be sure to drink it all. Shake well and chill in the refrigerator to provide a very refreshing start to the morning or to take as a recovery drink after exercise.

This drink has electrolytes and natural flavours in it and the final mix is not crystal clear. Be sure to shake well before drinking.

Mix as a hot drink: Transfer one serving of powder to mix into water that has been off the boil for 5 minutes. Stir well with a spoon and take it as an alternative to tea or coffee. This is particularly comforting for recovering from colds and flu but is also great after cold-weather exercise.


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