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Innovaate – OptimAAte – 200g


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OptimAAte™ represents a new generation of amino acid supplements specially formulated to replenish a select group of six amino acids, which have been shown by scientific research to be in highest demand during daily exertion and recovery.

Higher levels of exercise intensity can exacerbate these losses of key amino acids, which can be further intensified in warmer climatic conditions. Long days at work, busy schedules, lengthy commutes and hectic lifestyles could also contribute to exacerbating these losses of key amino acids. Research has established links between amino acid deficits and fatigue.

OptimAAte is designed to deliver only the six amino acids shown to be lost in the greatest abundance in sweat during exertion. The formulation is thus simple and aims to replace these key amino acids in a “free form” for rapid uptake by the body. No digestion is required and OptimAAte can thus be used during and immediately after exercise.

The simple OptimAAte rationale

To keep your body replenished with the key six amino acids for the body to use where and when it needs them

Replenishment of Amino Acids have been found to

  • optimise physical performance
  • reduce fatigue,
  • aid in recovery
  • improve general vitality

Who should use OptimAAte:

  • you are active, pushing yourself, physically or mentally
  • athletes and sportspeople, amateur or professional
  • you are recovering from illness or sickness
  • you are looking to increase general well-being and vitality
  • you are vegetarian or vegan. The OptimAAte formulation will replenish an important essential amino acid that you cannot get a sufficient supply from a vegetarian or vegan diet/lifestyle.

OptimAAte is

  • Batch tested for WADA banned substances by an independent laboratory
  • 99% fat-free
  • 99% sugar-free, unsweetened
  • Vegan and vegetarian-friendly, and
  • Patented: PCT/AU2016/050355

Serving recommendations

Serve recommendation: 1 serve (1.8grams) per day in 300mL water.

Dry powder: The unique OpitmAAte™ formulation has a special blend of amino acids which are pleasant to take directly as powder. Simply transfer a serving to a spoon and take it straight in the mouth. It is surprisingly tasty and there are no added sugars or flavours.

Mix as a drink: Transfer one serving of powder mix to water in your drink bottle or cup. Using hot water initially can help dissolve all the components. Mix well and then chill in the refrigerator to provide a very refreshing start to the morning or take as a recovery drink after exercise. There is a very mild hint of lemon flavour, thanks to the amino acids – easy to drink.

Add to smoothies, juices and food: Simply add a serving to your favourite smoothie, shake or fruit juice and mix well – you can even sprinkle it on your cereal.

The daily serves have been calculated on the basis of compliance to recommended maximum daily intakes for the key amino acids as directed by Food Standards.

The actual amounts required will vary between individuals depending on a range of factors including body mass, diet and level of physical activities.

Our research has developed computer-based modelling of protein turnover and amino acid losses. This research focusses on determining potential needs for high-performance athletes based on their body mass level (BML). On this basis, theoretical servings have been estimated at around 30mg per Kg body weight, per day. For example:

  • For a 60Kg person, this would be 1.8g
  • For a 75Kg person, this would be 2.3g
  • For a 100Kg person, this would be 3.0g

People are different in their body types, age, activity levels and diet and it is thus difficult to be precise for everyone.

OptimAAte is provided with a scoop that has a capacity to deliver around 3.2 g of amino acids in the level measure. It is suggested that the half-scoop would form a base rate for taking each morning. If you mix this as a drink, then you could take some in the morning and spread the rest throughout the day.

We suggest that you see what works best for you.

If you have had a hard day’s work, particularly in hotter climates, or completed an exercise session, then you could take ElectrAAte to provide electrolytes as well as amino acids to provide resources for recovery.


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