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International Protein – Extreme Carbs 1.8kg


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International Protein Extreme Carbs 1.8kg

Glycogen reserves become depleted during physical activities, like weight training or sport, stimulating the body to store glycogen. Glycogen synthesis occurs for 4-6 hours after exercise, with the most rapid rate occurring in the first 2 hours. At this time insulin sensitivity is at its peak so there is an enhanced ability to absorb sugars needed to replenish vital energy reserves. To maximize your recovery, EXTREME CARBS provides rapid, moderate and slowly absorbed carbohydrates and a powerful insulin potentiator to help promote glycogen synthesis and maximise insulin sensitivity.

The best post-workout drink, that contains PromilinTM.  This revolutionary new ingredient has been shown to promote glucose-induced insulin release and may assist with the transport of glucose to skeletal muscle, where it can be used for energy, recovery and muscle growth, rather than be stored as bodyfat.

HIGH GLYCEMIC INDEX – to initiate muscle glycogen replacement and take advantage of the body’s natural recovery systems. The glycogen recovery formulation is supported with fructose, which preferentially restores liver glycogen. The combination of glucose and fructose has the ability to further increase insulin levels, enhancing the body’s anabolic state.

EASY TO USE – has a neutral, mildly sweet taste,it can be added to other foods, especially protein shakes without affecting their taste or making them unbearably sweet.

VERSATILE – Depending on what you want, the amount of liquid added will give you a thinner or thicker consistency.  You might want a it light for a refreshing post-workout recovery drink or thicker, more filling meal replacement.

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