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Formulated with the most effective and utilised fat metaboliser Acetyl L-Carnitine, DESTINY has 1,800 mg per scoop. With added ingredients to accelerate the fat burning process, DESTINY will boost your metabolism while suppressing appetite, as well as improve moodfocus and energy during the day (no crash).

Mix in a shaker with 350 – 400mL of cold water, and enjoy the fresh smooth flavours. DESTINY fat burner comes in various delicious flavours – there’s something for everyone.

DESTINY can be taken as a pre-workout in a single or double serve (2 serves = more energy).

DESTINY is formulated with nootropics. Nootropics are categorised as “smart drugs”. Alertness, focus and an enhanced mental capacity are what one can expect. With consistent mental clarity, sharp thinking and an up-beat feeling, you’ll remain focused and happy throughout the day, especially during your workouts.

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