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Primeval Labs – Erosion 90 Capsules


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Erosion by Primeval Labs Strong Anti-Estrogen!

Estrogen is an essential hormone in the human body yet in high level it can be detrimental to those who are endeavouring to build lean muscle and burn fat. Thankfully Primeval Labs has got you covered with Erosion, one of the most powerful anti-estrogen formulas available! Formulated using Arimistane (Androsta-3 5-diene-7 17-dione), Erosion gets to work inhibiting aromatase in the body, the enzyme that converts testosterone into estrogen resulting in a product that not only decreases estrogen levels but inadvertently increases testosterone by means of conversion. Offering one of the highest doses of Arimistane available, Erosion is a must have addition to your cycle to enhance results or as part of post cycle therapy to combat estrogen rebounds!

Reduces Estrogen

Controls Cortisol Levels

Increases Testosterone

Increased Libido

Better Vascularity



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