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Red Dragon Nutritionals – Dragon Fuel EAA 30 serves

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Dragon Fuel – EAA & Electrolyte by Red Dragon Nutritionals


30 Serve

Dragon Fuel is a comprehensive blend of Essential Amino Acids and electrolytes from natural sources. 

Dragon Fuel is designed to aid in recovery and workout performance, boasting a complete blend of all nine Essential Amino Acids in the form of Amino9® to optimise protein synthesis, along with the four staple electrolytes to keep you hydrated throughout, and after your session. Perfect taken during or after your workout, or anytime throughout the day to aid in recovery and hydration. Dragon Fuel is also Gluten and Lactose free. 


Dragon Fuel Key Ingredients


Amino9® EAA blend – Amino9® EAA’s have been shown to stimulate muscle protein synthesis (MPS) as much as whey protein (1) and activate MPS with a lower insulin spike than whey protein(2). They stimulate more MPS balance than BCAA’s alone. What this means is the same MPS, with a lower insulin spike and less calories than a whey protein, along with being a superior product to BCAA’s alone. 


Coconut Water Powder & Himalayan Rock Salt – Naturally high in vitamins and minerals, coconut water powder is an essential addition to any hydration formula. This, coupled with Himalayan Rock Salt being high in Sodium and Trace minerals, makes an ideal combination for replenishing what you sweat out in your hard workouts or work days!


950mg Electrolyte Complex – Boasting almost a gram of electrolytes, Dragon Fuel is packed with everything needed, in the right amounts, to help refuel you during and after your hard session, or hard days work. 

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Blue Clouds, Granny Smith, Grape Lemonade, Mango Passionfruit, Pineapple Juice, Red Frogs

4 reviews for Red Dragon Nutritionals – Dragon Fuel EAA 30 serves

  1. Ryan Griffiths

    I love the Red Frog flavour tastes amazing find works really well. I sip it during the day and sometimes have it during exercise. Red Dragon was a new brand for me and I’m glad I gave this supplement a crack.

  2. Josh Thomss

    Red Dragon Nutrition has definitely made one of the best tasting EEA’s on the market! Pineapple juice or Blue Clouds are my two favourites! Easy to drink both during and after my workouts! Definitely try out Dragon Fuel!!

  3. Sasha

    Thank goodness for an amazing tasting EAA’s!!! Dragon fuel by red dragon nutritionals has absolutely nailed their flavour! Pineapple juice is the BEST !

  4. Donny

    Dragon fuel by Red Dragon Nutrition = YUMMIES! Granny Smith is the GOAT flavour with all your electrolyte replenishment and amino acid recovery needs!

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