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Turkesterone by Synergistic Supplements – 90 Capsules

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Turkesterone can help in the following ways;

  • muscle building
  • Promote improved strength
  • help anabolism
  • derived from plants
  • aid in increasing metabolism

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Turkesterone has quickly become a household name in the supplement industry as of late. Today we will take a deeper dive into this anabolic compound and answer the question ourselves. What is Turkesterone? Is the hype real? Or are there further avenues of exploration that need to be discovered before we crown this compound the king of the natural anabolics?

Turkesterone is the primary bioactive compound that naturally materialises in the Ajuga Turkestanica plant. This plant has a long history of use in more traditional medicines for its anabolic, hepatoprotective, adaptogenic, and hypoglycaemic benefits. There have only been a handful of clinical studies conducted in humans thus far, however, the results seem quite promising. In one such study, 46 athletes were given 800mg of Turkesterone per day for a total of 10 weeks. They gained an average of 3.2kg of lean body mass and reported a significant increase in muscle hypertrophy and strength.  

The optimal dosage of Turkesterone in humans is still inconclusive. There is no completed research to show that one dosage is better than any others. We know that the half-life of Turkesterone is between 4-9 hours, which tells us that it is best to split the dosage up twice daily. Based on what I have read on Turkesterone, the most frequently recommended dosage I have seen advertised is between 500-1000mg daily. 

Turkesterone is definitely the star in the Ecdysteroid family and based on current research, I would conclude that its claim to fame is far more than just hype on a Joe Rogan podcast. Turkesterone does seem to be an incredibly strong anabolic compound that could really assist with lean muscle growth and strength. It seems to be considerably safer than anabolic steroids and has far fewer potential adverse effects from its use. 


Turkesterone is a chemical extracted from the roots of the Coleus Forskohlii plant. This plant has been used in Ayurvedic medicine for centuries. It’s part of an experiment to see if chemicals can help promote growth in teenagers who are experiencing “growth failure”.


Turkesterone is produced from the roots of a plant called Coleus forskohlii, from India. The indigenous people of India have been using this plant for thousands of years to treat asthma and heart disease. In Europe, it is used to treat cardiac conditions and lung disease (Reviewed by Michael Kalecinski).

Today, extracts of this plant are available as health supplements and sold as a weight-loss aid. The active ingredient of this plant is forskolin. Forskolin stimulates the breakdown of fat cells and increases lean muscle mass. Turkesterone is more concentrated than pure forskolin, allowing it to be used in a lower dosage.

Turkesterone key features


Turkesterone is a “phytoandrogen” – a plant derivative that has a structure similar to testosterone. It can bind to androgen receptors but is not as strong as male hormones do. Androgens are the primary sex hormone in men. Turkesterone also helps your body produce more testosterone naturally.


It is believed to promote bone and muscle growth in teenagers who are experiencing “growth failure”. This may be because the material acts somewhat like anabolic steroids, which are used by athletes to build muscles. Still, there is no research showing that turkesterone is effective or safe.

Turkesterone is often included in “natural weight-loss” supplements because it may stimulate the breakdown of fat cells and increase lean muscle mass. However, there isn’t any proof that this supplement provides these benefits when taken by mouth.

Turkesterone is a compound that is structurally very similar to androgens. What are androgens? Androgens are any natural or synthetic steroid hormone that regulates the development and maintenance of male characteristics. They do this by binding to androgen receptors that are located in the vertebrate. Turkesterone has been well studied as a plant and insect growth factor.

11 reviews for Turkesterone by Synergistic Supplements – 90 Capsules

  1. Jacob

    Turkesterone by Synergistic Supplements is amazing!
    One week in of use and I have already added 10kgs to my max deadlift.

  2. Tom

    I have been using Turkesterone by Synergistic supplements for a whole month now and have noticed incredible gains in my strength and performance in the gym. All of my lifts have increased in weight & my recovery is better than ever! Such a great product.

  3. Adrian

    I purchased this Turkesterone from my friends referral and because it has an extra 30 capsules compared to all other brands on the market. I was skeptical at first but I can genuinely say I am blown away with the results!

    I have put on 5kgs in 4 weeks! Haha

    This stuff is outstanding

  4. Jye

    I had been wanting to try Turkesterone for quite a while and am super impressed with the results! I’ve increased my strength on my compound lifts like crazy & am putting on size at a steady rate! Can’t recommend turkesterone enough!

  5. Ryu

    Ive had a few other Turkesterone bottles before and didn’t see much! However this this one seems like its increasing my strength and overall energy. Considering this Turkesterone has an extra 30 pills its much better value and is working swell. Highly recommned!

  6. Kenny McCarthy

    Hey purchased with a week ago and was very fast with delivery too! Considering this Turkesterone has an extra 30 capsules its well worth! My lifts have also been increasing dramatically so its definitely working. Highly recommend trying out Turkesterone.

  7. Josh

    Turkesterone by synergistic supps has made a huge impact on my performance aswell as noticing a difference in my gains and recovery. Turkesterone has a great dosage and more value for money compared to any other turkesterone i have seen on the market.

  8. Ben

    Turkesterone by Synergistic Supplements is such a good product. I’m finding my performance in the gym has improved and I’m putting on a decent amount of size. Definitely recommend!

  9. Jarred

    It’s been 6 months since I started taking Turkesterone by synergistic supplements, and I can Deffinitly put my progress in the gym, in strength and performance down to turk. At first it felt like a slow progress but I have been feeling incredible! I do recommend!!

  10. Louis clifford

    Mad product! Definitely recommended for those trying to gain power at the gym. Also the this company’s turkesterone (synergistic supplements ) is one of the best ive used!

  11. Maximus

    Turkesterone by Synergistic Supplements is GAINZ CENTRAL BAYBE!! Strength and recovery have improved significantly since starting about a week ago! I’ll be coming back for more

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