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Thavage Pre Workout by CBUM – 40 Scoops

(9 customer reviews)


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9 reviews for Thavage Pre Workout by CBUM – 40 Scoops

  1. Ryan

    Thavage Pre Workout is hands down my favourite pre. The pump and focus are pristine! The CBUM Pre Workout flavour tastes identical to the OG Cucumber Lime Gatorade. Excellent & Highly recommend!

  2. Toby

    Thavage by CBUM is one of the best pre-workouts EVER! Amazing pumps, insane endurance, smooth energy, and absolutely NO CRASH.
    Will definitely be putting this one “straight in my basket”.

  3. Gabe Collins

    Wow! Usually i don’t like pre workouts because they have to much caffeine but Thavage pre Workout has it spot on!

    Its like the old pre workouts, medium caffeine but stacked with amazing ingredients for focus and pump.

    Definitely getting it again!

  4. Lance

    This new pre workout by Raw Nutrition is what I have been looking for! Finally a pre workout that isn’t overdosed in caffeine yet incorporates ingredients that allow the body to function at a better level. CBUM has done well with this one. Must say Thavage has landed itself as my favourite pre workout!

  5. BIll

    RAW Nutrition and CBUM have definitely hit the nail on the head with this one! Thavage is such a complete formula and far out the focus was insane!

  6. stefani pesko

    Thavage by CBUM is such a good pre workout!! will definitely be purchasing again

  7. Abdul

    double scoop sent me, amazing focus and pump without the jitters of too much caffeine. I think I’ve found my new favourite pre

  8. Jack

    Thavage by Raw Nutrition is an amazing pre workout! The pumps were out of this world at 2 scoops, plus amazing focus and a good amount of stim. Nothing too over the top. Rocket Candy tasted really good. CBUM did well.

  9. Jamie

    Raw Nutrition has absolutely hit the spot with their CBUM collab pre workout! Awesome energy, focus & pump, the best all rounder I’ve had in a while!

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